Exploring Every Corner Of Oklahoma

Discovering the story, charting the adventure.

The goal of the Oklahoma 77 project is to take a deep dive into the history, culture, and people of Oklahoma and the 77 counties that make this great state. Through research, personal interviews, and hands on exploration we will try to connect geographic, ecological, and culturally significant locations from every nook and crany of the state. The primary result of these efforts will culminate in a series of videos promoting specific regional areas or culturally significant programs in each county. We want to highlight everything from the ideal vacation destinations to the precious downtowns of rural communities found throughout the state.

Nominate a business, organization, or general location for documentation and to be included in the Oklahoma 77 project. We will attempt to setup up interviews, document and compile a list for a potential production of video documentaries covering the nominations provided.

The Latest Updates

Doing Something Different

Doing Something Different

This project has never been about building an audience or developing a social media campaign, but one think I have learned through the Oklahoma77 Project has been that influence opens doors. My goal audience for creating this content is a viewer who may not be born...

The Oklahoma Museum of Osteology

I was so fascinated with this museum and what a unique experience it is. When I made a list of unique Oklahoma experiences, this place was on the absolute top of the list. I love museums and have been to many in my life. What is...

Oklahoma River Float Trip In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY Upcoming Weather Discharge Rage Gage Height USGS Data North Canadian Below Overholser This is a great trip to take in the metro area. I would try to attempt this when the gage height is above 5 feet. Drop Point: 35°28'43.3"N...

Blue River Float Near Connerville, Oklahoma

CONNERVILLE, OK Upcoming Weather Discharge Rate Gage Height USGS River Data near Connerveille, OK This float is ideal with a 9 foot gage depth or more. There are not obstructions for height, so the higher the better. Drop In Point 1:...

Washita River Float Near Davis, Oklahoma

DAVIS, OK Upcoming Weather Discharge Rate Gage Height USGS River Data near Dickson, OK For this trip, I would recommend aiming for a gage height of 11.5 ft or higher if you plan on exiting on the Washita. Although at the time of this trip...

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