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Discharge Rate
Gage Height

For this trip, I would recommend aiming for a gage height of 11.5 ft or higher if you plan on exiting on the Washita. Although at the time of this trip in the video, it was 10.5, so we had a very muddy exit.

Drop Point: 34°32’31.2″N 97°14’49.8″W

From Davis, you can drive West on Highway 7 and then north on Indian Meridian Road. Wildhorse Creek is the real gem of this trip, because anything directly on the Washita is covered in silt and mud. So this entry point provides a break from all the muck and a stark contrast to the changes that happen when you enter the Washita.

Early Escape Point: 34°31’46.9″N 97°10’37.4″W

This bridge provides either a rest break or an early escape plan before entering the Washita. For anyone wanting to escape a muddy exit, I recommend just making this the goal of your trip.

Exit 1, 10 mile trip: 34°30’15.8″N 97°08’31.3″W

Highway 7 Bridge

This is where we exited the trip. 10 miles in July felt like plenty and we didn’t take advantage of earlier break opportunities. The mud is treacherous if the river is flowing below 12 feet depth. ( check depth here: )

Exit 2, 14 mile trip: 34°27’25.9″N 97°07’56.1″W

Highway 77 Bridge

Adding about 4 miles to the trip, the biggest benefit of this exit location has to be the proximity to really good BBQ. (