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CONNERVILLE, OK Upcoming Weather
Discharge Rate
Gage Height

This float is ideal with a 9 foot gage depth or more. There are not obstructions for height, so the higher the better.

Drop In Point 1: 34°27’15.7″N 96°38’09.4″W

Plenty of space to park a couple vehicles with close proximity to the river.

Drop in Point 2: 34°26’53.6″N 96°37’23.3″W

You can’t leave a vehicle at this location and will need to unload quickly from the roadway. The entry under the bridge is easier than entry point 1 and entering here can skip a couple low spots of portage.

Exit Point: 34°25’08.7″N 96°35’55.8″W

A low water bridge with a perfect spot to unload carved into the roadway just to the right of the bridge.