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I was so fascinated with this museum and what a unique experience it is. When I made a list of unique Oklahoma experiences, this place was on the absolute top of the list. I love museums and have been to many in my life. What is fascinating about this museum beyond the hundreds of specimen represented in it’s collection, but this museum is a private passion project that has a beautiful story to be told. I reached out to the museum and asked for the opportunity to conduct an interview to tell their story and had the opportunity to meet and talk with Jay Villemarette, the founder and directory of the museum.

This location is a must see experience. I have been a few times and there is always something new to see. They host special events and a lot of unique educational opportunities. There is always something going on and worth a visit. If you haven’t been to the Museum of Osteology, which is located just north of Moore in southeastern Oklahoma City, now is the time to plan your visit.

Located at 10301 S Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73160